Recently, I had gone over the 15 GB limit in my Google Drive and needed to upgrade to 100 GB for $24 per year.  This isn’t a large sum of money but I also didn’t want to pay for all of this extra storage I wasn’t using.

With the completion of the script that converts Microsoft files on Google Drive to their Google equivalents (see product page here), I decided to do some spring-cleaning.  I ran this script, converting my Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, cleaning up several hundred files that took up about 0.5 GB of space (and eliminating the 10 seconds or so it takes to convert these files manually when opening them from Drive).

I then deleted all of my files in Google Drive’s trash and cleaned up all old emails that were greater than 5 MB in size.  Once I was finished, I was under 10 GB in Google Drive.  I then cancelled my 100 GB plan and put a little money back into my pocket each month.

These are not Earth-shattering results by any means but it was all simple to do and ran in the background while I worked on other things.  These small results and savings add up.

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