In my real estate business and personal life, I save nearly all documents on Google Drive, shred most of those, and then store in a file cabinet about 10%.  Up until early 2017, my typical process would be to allow a few months of documents to accumulate in my file bin, scan them using an older model Canon printer, upload them to Google Drive, and then organize these files on Drive to the proper folders.

Spending 90 minutes or more on this task was not uncommon plus I hated doing it.  

I began looking into printers that would scan documents immediately to the cloud and after buying a Canon model that falsely promised to do this, I found an Epson XP-830 that is perfect for my needs.  In just 3 button clicks, it will scan the document to the front page of my Google Drive.

This was a huge time-saver but I found that renaming 50-75 pdfs and moving them into Google Drive folders manually was pain, especially as they tended to follow similar naming patterns.  Examples:  Internet Bill April 2017, Electricity Bill April 2017, 123 Main St Closing Documents April 2017.

The organizing Google Drive files into folders script improved this workflow greatly as I could set all documents that contained the name “Internet Bill” to go to the Home folder, “Electricity Bill” to the Home folder, “Closing Documents” to the Closing Documents folder, and on and on…

I continue to add entries to the script (as simple as adding data to a spreadsheet) as I think of new filenames and the folders that they should go to.

This same process now takes me 20 minutes, saving me an hour or more every few months. Plus by not dreading doing this task, I’m not wasting brain power on procrastinating and can focus on important work.