By the end of May 2017, we should be releasing a new script that will convert the Microsoft files on your Google Drive automatically to their Google equivalent.

  • Microsoft Word(.doc and .docx) -> Google Docs
  • Microsoft Excel(.xls and .xlsx) -> Google Sheets
  • Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt and .pptx) -> Google Slides

I am almost completely in the Google ecosystem of products (my main computer is a chromebook); however, I still have several hundred Microsoft documents on my Google Drive.  I rarely need these, but also hate to throw them away; however, they’re mostly just taking up space.

By converting them to their Google counterpart, I’ll not only free up space (Google files do not count towards your storage limit) but also have files ready to work on when I need them.  For many documents it takes 10 seconds or so for Google to convert a Microsoft Word document to Google Docs.  It’s not a lot of time but it adds up.  

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